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Friday, July 14, 2006

Yarn Review

With the exception of the yardage and price on Debbie Bliss yarns, I have overall liked her line. So, when I saw the Cotton Silk Aran on closeout at Elann, I thought I'd snatch it up for a jacket I have been planning for some time. The only two colors left that I liked by the time I got around to ordering were white and delphinium, and there was only one of the delphinium left. Well, I really preferred the blue, so I thought I'd order the one ball, along with some other stuff I was getting and just try it out.

Boy, was I glad. The color is gorgeous, and I like the fiber content, but it is spun more like string than yarn. I decided to make a baby hat for our new one to test out the yarn, and I am so glad I didn't buy 16 balls for the jacket without trying it out first. I think I will return to my lovely Cotton Angora.

In the meantime, the hat will be machine washable, and quite adequate for a baby born in August. The fabric itself is fine, but working with it made my hands stiff.

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