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Friday, July 28, 2006

Two Finished Objects for the Price of One

And one was a UFO as well. I promised photos of the baby blanket, and you shall have them. I also pulled out a top that was a little over half finished last year, and finished it off for Amira. I had her put it on for me to take pictures, and she won't take it off now. She is evidently a born model as you will see in the photos that follow.

This is the blanket draped over a chair. I promised the pattern, it is still pretty rough, so I will clean it up and post it to the free pattern blog soon.

Here it is laid out on the floor.

Amira in her Not Square Play. I modified the pattern from the Summer 2004 Knitters' pattern, which used self patterning sport weight sock yarn, in an adult size. I thought it looked kind of dumb on a grown up, and a little busy with the self patterning yarn. However, on a child, with smaller squares, I thought it would be a nice use of hand painted yarn. I had thought of adding small sleeves to it, but I like it with the garter edging on the armholes.

This last one is of Amira posing. She is saying what a fun top it is.

Those are great, Ranee.

I started a knitting blog myself, btw.

they are both awesome! I love the top!
Love the top and the blanket -- where can I find the pattern when it's available?
Merciful heavens, Ranee. That daughter of yours is turning into a knock-out!

And the top and throw are gorgeous, too!
She is SO adorable - so is her sweater. :)
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