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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Belated Birthday Post

Rich and Dominic had their birthday on Sunday. Just like six years ago, it fell on Father's Day. I had great timing for Rich's birthday and Father's day present that year.

Dominic wore his sweater to church, to many compliments and congratulations. They've been watching me work on that sweater for far too long, so I think they were just as excited to see it finished. I did get a photo taken of him in it, just haven't fiddled with it yet.

Since I was able to do the side seams on his sweater so quickly, I decided to tackle Amira's bolero which had been languishing since December. It took me all of half an hour to sew each side seam and about 40 minutes to pick up the cuff evenly and do nine rounds of ribbing, then cast off. Why do I put this stuff off for so long?


1. He has real super powers, really. (That's what he tells us)

2. He is absolutely devoted to a girl he met in preschool, even though he hasn't seen her in a year. He will one day make some woman a great husband.

3. He bears all sorts of illness and discomfort with minimal complaint. He's been dealing with extreme exczema for the last several years, and itches all the time, and rarely says anything about it.

4. He sings all the time.

5. He cheers on his little brother and sister for every little accomplishment they achieve.

6. He is the absolute best baking partner in the world.


1. His smile.

2. The way he laughs at all my stupid jokes.

3. That he loves the way I look, even hugely pregnant.

4. He doesn't care how much money I spend on knitting, so long as we can pay the bills.

5. He loves me more than he loves aviation.

6. He is the best father I've ever met. I wish I had had a dad like him.

7. He insists on getting up with the kids at night, even when I hear them first, because he wants to let me rest.

8. He brags about me to everyone he meets, so I always hear about the good things they've heard long before they met me.

9. He honors marriage and our marriage in particular.

10. He sacrifices time, money and his own fulfillment to make sure he is available and active in our family life.

11. He thinks I'm the best cook in the world.

12. He still loves to dance, it didn't end at our wedding.

13. He still has lots to say to me and listens to all my ramblings, we will never run out of conversation.

14. He still romances me.

15. He talks to and sings to the babies in my belly while I'm pregnant.

16. He does what needs to be done, without my asking or begging.

17. He makes sure I have time to myself, take breaks, eat and drink.

18. He shares most of my dreams and encourages me in all of them, even the ones he isn't as interested in.

19. He never laughs at my dreams or tells me they are a waste of time.

20. He stays up late at night to work on school projects with the boys.

21. He isn't just the fun dad, leaving me to be the bad mom who disciplines.

22. He protects me.

23. He is teaching the boys how to be good men.

24. He is teaching our daughter what to look for in a good man.

25. He is still the most handsome man I've ever seen, and he makes me light up inside.

26. There is nothing in his past that I need to worry about intruding on our lives now.

27. He is willing to do whatever it takes to provide for our family.

28. He answers that I work all the time when people ask him if I "work."

29. He is always willing to take over when I am too exhausted to go on, even if he is, too.

30. He respects me.

31. He takes our faith seriously and tries to pass it on to our children.

32. He prays for us.

33. He seeks the friendship and counsel of other godly men, and offers his support to them as well.

34. He is glad to hear that I've taken a nap during the day, rather than being irritated that some task wasn't finished.

35. He looks at me like I am the only woman in the world.

36. He tells me every day how much he loves me.


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