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Monday, June 12, 2006

30 Things

In order to participate in Kerrie's contest (who shares a birthday with both my husband and son), I am posting this list.

1. I am a mother of four (on the outside, one is still being grown on the inside) and am very open to having more.

2. I share a birthday with Amelia Earhart, the state of Utah and my husband's boss.

3. I feed four children and my husband three meals a day, that I prepare, and yet still manage to forget to eat on some days.

4. It takes food or knitting for me to be interested in anything. For example, the only gardening I really am interested in is herb, vegetable and orchard gardening. The only animals I am interested in are those which produce eggs/dairy/meat/wool. Although I like cats, the only reason I see to have one is as a mouser.

5. Almost all of my favorite smells are food smells: Creamed sugar and butter, sauteeing onions, citrus, real vanilla, cucumber, melon, honey.

6. I think blue food is an abomination. God intended blue to be a warning. Blueberries aren't even really blue, they're purple with green on the inside. Blue cheese is made of mold traveling through cheese, which is enough reason to abstain from it.

7. I love handknit socks, but I don't like making them. It takes me about a year to complete a pair.

8. The only exception to this is baby socks, because they go so quickly.

9. I am working on a book, although I don't know if it will ever be published.

10. I am not a big consumer. I just recently did a survey and realized that we didn't buy about 85% of what they were asking about. Then, looking around, realized we don't buy about 90% of what is available on the market.

11. I make almost all of our food from scratch, including yogurt, bread, jams and jellies, pickles and preserves. I am learning how to make cheese this summer.

12. I want to get to a point that I make most of our clothes as well.

13. I believe modesty is a virtue.

14. I am physically incapable of getting to bed at a decent hour.

15. I fall asleep about 30 minutes into most movies.

16. I want to be able to grow/raise about 80% of our food.

17. My fondest wish would be to live in a rural village with little farms and small businesses mixed in with houses and parks.

18. I have never bought a lottery ticket.

19. I have never used non-prescription drugs, nor used prescription drugs in a way not prescribed.

20. I married at age 20 thinking it should be the exception that people marry as young as I did. I now think more people would be happier in their marriages if they were married young and grew together.

21. I don't care about having a cool car, bigger house or newer gadgets.

22. We haven't had television reception for about three years and don't miss it. When people ask us what we do, we answer that we relate to each other. We pop popcorn, read aloud, do arts and crafts, play games, sing and dance, take walks, watch sunsets and actually talk to each other and get to know our children.

23. We spend our money on private school for our kids rather than big vacations. We still have fun and enjoy ourselves.

24. I am one of the few parents in America who actually doesn't want her children to go to an Ivy League school.

25. I recently rediscovered how nice I look in bright kelly green. I'm trying to find yarn in that color to knit with now.

26. I have only one daughter among four sons (that's how it looks so far, we might have two daughters and three sons if the u/s was wrong), and treat her like a girl.

27. I teach my boys that they need to treat girls and women differently than they treat boys and men. They know that it is a special kind of bad to mistreat a female.

28. I am completely countercultural. I have a large family, don't watch television, rarely see movies, I've been to a mall three times in the past two years, we don't buy premade snacks or eat much junk, we live on a tight budget and don't use credit, we are religious, conservative and traditional and we're trying to cut back on even the few things we buy and use now.

29. I love feminine styles, and don't find most current fashions to be flattering to women's bodies.

30. I think that fitted clothing makes all people look better than oversized clothes.

Funny thing--despite being very different than you (no kids despite 7 years of marriage, for instance), we were similar on some of these points.

I don't have TV reception either, and while I don't fall asleep during most movies, I usually stop watching because they are dull.

By car--which I think is perfect--is less than a tenth the cost of most of my coworkers cars (1/20 would probably also be true).

I also believe plants should be productive. I grow tomatoes and herbs.

I don't think much of Ivy League Schools either (though probably for different reasons they you do--I just think they are very overpriced).
I don't think much of Ivy League Schools either (though probably for different reasons they you do--I just think they are very overpriced).

I keep reading/hearing people theorize that the price of higher education will have to go down soon, since people have been having fewer and fewer kids. There is just a smaller pool of people for more and more colleges and universities, and the idea is that people won't be able to afford those prices and there will be a greater "market" of schools open to them, so they will go where they can get a good education for less money.

We can always hope, anyway.
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