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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Idiot FedEx

I've never liked Fed Ex all that much. I worked at a shipping place when I was in college and UPS was always more reliable and they fixed problems better. Since moving to our rather remote home, we've had trouble with Fed Ex not being able to find us. They then send us letters, to our address, telling us our address doesn't exist. We get one driver to learn where our house is, then they switch drivers and it all starts over again. Not too impressed with them.

Well, today, these same people who cannot find our home when there is something addressed to us that they are to deliver, dropped off a package for someone who lives on the north end of the street. We live on the south end. Across a field where the road doesn't go through, about the equivalent of 21 blocks south of this address. Stupid, stupid, stupid! So we had to call Fed Ex and have them pick it up, which they couldn't do today, and probably won't be able to find our place again to do it anyway, so they can deliver it to this fellow. I was going to look up his phone number and call him and just drop it off myself, but thought that the stupid Fed Ex people ought to be apprised of yet another example of their ineptitude.


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