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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Prayer Request

We have been battling various illnesses over the past several weeks. Rich was sick with three different things in three weeks, all of the kids have been sick, and over the last two weeks, we've had two separate bouts of some sort of stomach illness. Also, yesterday the transmission on our van went out. We are surprisingly not that stressed out about it, but it is one more thing to have to deal with. Our mechanic can't get to it until Monday, so Rich is taking the boys to school in his work truck and we only have two things going on this week that require us to be able to drive something else, so we'll see what we can work out.

I seem to be getting out of my knitting funk, though. I ripped out the sleeve on Dominic's sweater last night. I found a mistake and decided it would take less time to reknit the entire thing than to try to tink back and fix it. I fell asleep before I made too much progress on it, but it's nice to be working on it knowing it should be correct this time.


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