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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Amira!

I meant to post on her birthday, but didn't get a chance to do so. Our little baby turned two on Friday. Two of our kids have birthdays that almost always fall during Lent (Elijah has a chance in some rare years), so we usually push their celebrations to Sunday and enjoy the cake and such then. That is what we did this year for Amira. She got a lot of clothes and some sandals to fit her this summer. We still need to find her some black dress shoes and some boots.

We forgot our camera on Sunday, so there are no photos of the fun from that, but we have a picture of her pushing a chair around after church the week before, and some pictures of her "making cement" in our yard as our church family held a work day to help us put up a fence.

As soon as I upload those shots, I'll get them posted, you won't believe how big she is.

The two best things about her are her laugh and the way she puts her hand in yours.

Knitting Content:

I managed to get all but the body border finished on the one skein wonder, and am making better progress on the Zig Zag sweater for Dominic. I'll bring it with me to bible study tonight. A family from church has loaned us their van while ours is being repaired.


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