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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cursed Knitting

I don't know if it's the sickness, or being exhausted (thank you Elijah for the 2:30-4:30 a.m. updates on what your dreams are about) so much lately, or something else entirely, but every time I pick up my knitting I make dumb mistakes. So, I got out an old UFO out of Kitchen Cotton that is mindless and small. I had started a one skein wonder in this yarn to match the gauge of the original. I still changed the shaping, I really don't know why designers don't put more elegant shaping and finishing details in their patterns, and I don't know if I'll use the ribbing or just do seed st all the way around. So far, no mistakes. I have a shawl to fix and the sleeve to return to and the sewing up of Amira's bolero, but I wasn't going to try to cast on for that second sock with my cursed fingers.

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