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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I am tired of so called tolerant people who cannot cope with the knowledge that someone disagrees with them. A dear friend of mine assumed I shared his life view. I don't. He asked about specific issues, which I had never brought up, and I answered as delicately and honestly as I could. And the mere fact that I disgreed with him caused him to be unable to continue discussion. That is not tolerance.

all we can ever do is be who we are. how we see things is what makes us individuals. too bad your friend doesn't permit new ideas in as it seems to me you respect & consider his ideas as unique & worth respect. good for you that you spoke your true feelings!
some people just cannot agree to disagree. which i suppose is understandable, as long as they admit it and not claim that they are "tolerant" (which, according to these people, just means they are "tolerant" of similiar views like their own, which defeats the purpose of being "tolerant") =P
oh by the way, i LOVED how your flora scarf came out! very lovely! =)
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