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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Not Quite Two Weeks

Well, Little Boy Green is not finished. However, I am knitting on the neck, and will have about seven ends to weave in when I am finished with that. Since this was supposed to be a birthday present for him, March 25, this is just a wee bit late. However, it will still fit him. The only thing that concerns me is sleeve length. If it is too short in the sleeve, I will just teach him to roll up his sleeves. Ha-ha! Just tried it on him, and the sleeves are long enough!

This might be finished by tonight. I got the neck picked up and started last night at Home Group, and tonight I have a meeting to go to, where I can get the final ribbing finished and the ends woven in. Whee!

I found that picture of Alexander at the picnic. He, too, received eight million balloons over the course of the day.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I have one part left on my secret pal's surprise to make still. I hope she likes it. I am also almost finished with Flora. I never got that on my roll in the side bar, the knitting was so quick. It only took one skein of Rowan All Seasons Cotton, and I need to weave in ends, wash and sew on the button. I modified the flower center so I wouldn't have to get into another ball of yarn to finish. Flora is for one of Alexander's teachers. Edgar will be for the other of his teachers, a multi-directional scarf for Dominic's teacher and a diagonal scarf for their principal. Every year I say that I won't do knit presents for people for Christmas, and then I can't resist. I may have to give Mrs. Debby a call and get her address in AZ so I can send her something, too.

Oh! Before I forget, I am going to be teaching knitting in Alexander's class next month. The teachers and kids all kept seeing me knit and asked if I would teach them, so I said I would. I'm also going to be teaching knitting to a group of third grade Brownies. And I get volunteer credit for it at the school! 40 hours, here we come!

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