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Monday, October 03, 2005

Library Books, Sock Pattern & St. Martha's Guild

I did get the books from the library. On Wednesday! Though, in their defense, they showed up on Tuesday and I couldn't pick them up until Wednesday. The sock pattern I'm using is found on the knitlist gift page, called the aran braid socks. Enjoy!

Our St. Martha's Guild met this past Saturday. We visited the Olympia Farmers' Market and Canvas Works, a yarn shop down there. It was huge and had an amazing range of yarns both in price and quality (everything from Sugar and Cream Cotton to Rowan and Noro) and color range, carrying close to the entire color line of most of the yarns they had. Rachelle bought me eight skeins of Classic Elite Premiere in a lovely coral color, enough for me to make a short sleeved top. She felt she ought to since I gave her yarn for a baby blanket last year. I told her it wasn't necessary, but she said it was a down payment, since she intended on using me for other projects.

We had a great time, as always, and there were many praise and thanksgiving prayers we had that day.

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