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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Alexander's Very Good, Happy Day

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Seven years ago today, our first son was born. He had a full head of hair and was proportioned like a little adult. People were most shocked that he looked human, even the first day of his life. Rich and I were talking about how we kept waiting for the parents to show up, and how it slowly dawned on us that we were the parents. He has grown into a sweet, handsome, kind and intelligent boy. We look forward to seeing how his character continues to develop and mature.

In honor of his seventh birthday, here are seven wonderful things about Alexander:

1) His laugh. Even when he was a baby, his laugh was infectious and delightful. We used to chase him around the house, just to hear him laugh.

2) His sense of wonder. We get to see the whole world as if it were brand new through his eyes. He is amazed and intrigued by everything he sees.

3) His quiet generosity. He finds the people who need things the most, a friend, a pencil, help with a problem, and he gives it to them. He regularly goes through his toys to find things he can give to needy children.

4) His care for his younger brothers and his sister. There is nobody who can beat him for looking out for his siblings.

5) His sense of responsibility. This is a boy who asks if he can fold the towels or clean the bathroom or put away dishes. He takes great pride in being a help in the household.

6) His kindness. He is gentle and friendly to the everyone he meets. He thinks of everyone as a friend.

7) His affectionate nature. He is still not ashamed to walk holding our hands, or sit in our laps or get hugs and kisses in public. May he never be.

Happy birthday Alexander!


Happy Birthday, Alexander!!! : )!! It's amazing how kids just grow up sooo quickly. It seems like yesterday that I was pregnant with Caroline.
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