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Monday, August 08, 2005


I just finished a pair of beaded needle tatted earrings! They were so easy, and so quick! It was literally a matter of minutes to make them. I used the pattern from Rozella Linden's Easy Tatting, and the method from Barbara Foster's Learn Needle Tatting Step-by-Step. I can already see how I will modify them for different designs. This time, I used royal blue thread and tiffany glass colored beads or harlequin or raku, that's what the colors remind me of anyway. I'm thinking of little red and white candy cane earrings as well.

There is a pattern online for beaded dragonfly earrings, also tatted, and I think I know how I can make them without buying the pattern. I just need to find the right bugle beads. I'll be taking another round of photos, so I can post Lara, finally. When I do, I'll make sure to snap a shot of the earrings also.

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