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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dyeing for Yarn

I've had 800 yards of laceweight camel down yarn in the stash for about three or four years now. It's just waiting for a project, I'm thinking one of the lace wimples from Knitting in America. Anyway, it is natural colored, and although it's a perfectly nice color, it isn't one I'd like right up against my face. So, I decided to dye it with black cherry Kool Aid, and it is simmering on the stove as I write. I did double strength on the Kool Aid, because I know camel down doesn't take dye as readily as wool and I like the more intense colors anyway. I'm hoping this will turn out well!

How did your Kool-Aid dying come out? I would love to see a picture.
I thought that camel was difficult too dye (hence the mostly "natural" shades that camel hair yardage comes in). Of course that doesn't explain YS's hunter green camel hair sportscoat, does it?

Ann, anxious to see how it came out, too
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