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Monday, July 11, 2005


Amira came home asleep last night, but fine. She was exhausted, the doctors said a seizure like this is like running a mile sprint. We put her to bed in a pack and play in our room, more for our sake than hers. She slept fine, and was breathing alright. She woke up very thirsty at 5:00 am, and I gave her some water, then she went back to sleep. She woke up cheerful and calling out "Hi There!" to us, and then to 'Lijah, Dodit and Dander.

She had a great day, and except for us cutting her food up into molecular pieces, everything was normal for her. Her parents are still traumatized. Rich was able to get her breathing just in time, too, as evidently after the seizure in cases like this, it gets much, much worse, and chances are she would have died then. Rich kept her upside down in his lap as he drove up the ramp to the airport office, which they said is probably what kept the food from going back down the wrong pipe and beginning to choke her again.

We are abundantly grateful to God that this happened while Matt and Arthur were here to see it and help, that Rich knew how to do the back blows and could do so with a cool head, that the paramedics arrived so quickly and that she is doing so well. Rich said that the paramedic gave her a toy at the hospital and she smiled at him and said thank you, which made the paramedic's night, he said it was a good sign that she was responding so cheerfully and normally.

You can still be praying for us, and for her brothers who are understandably still shaken up.


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