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Friday, July 22, 2005

Two Skein Wonder

I finished the main body of this last night while staying up way too late to watch the extended DVD of Return of the King. Got about five repeats out of 14 of a leaf lace edging done on the left cuff. There is the right cuff to do and the edging around the body, which will be 50 repeats. I even think I will have enough yarn in the two skeins.

Tonight we watch the extended DVD with commentary, so I'm hoping to get the edging all finished. I had four options for edgings that I was considering, this lace, a scalloped leaf edging, braided cable and a picot chain. I'm thinking of doing a few more of these in different yarns and trying it with the different edgings, and maybe even make one that is similar to the original pattern. I didn't like that she put the increases right on the end, though, especially since you had to pick up sts to work the edging, so I did those increases one st in. If I get this finished tonight, I can wear it to work tomorrow, and I'm trying to wear at least one handknit each time I go in to work.

Also, one more modification to the Not So Fiery Bolero I didn't mention, I'm using garter st bands to match the garter st in the dress rather than the ribbing the pattern has. Rich bought some batteries today, so I should be able to get some photos up soon.

Birthday plans: Jazz festival and bbq with the kids, and if we can get a babysitter, a night at the pottery painting place for Rich and me.

They were out of mugs the last time we tried to go. Mugs! I finally went in with a plan and they were out of what I wanted, I had even sketched out my design ahead of time. So, Rich gallantly said we should come another time, he had a bowl to finish, but didn't want me to be stuck just picking something I didn't want or watching him. That was last week. Rich's folks came into town to visit with the kids and help us out around the house, and gave us money for a date and watched the kids for us. We got take out fish and chips from The Tides (where they make the best ever fish and chips). - I asked for this, a steak sandwich from those cheesy mall shops and Chinese takeout when people asked me what they could get us or do for us when I was in the hospital having Amira. I knew that the hospital would bring me mediocre food, so I had delivery. - Anyway, back to the date, we got the fish and chips, ate them on the water and took a walk around the harbor. We thought of getting a peddle boat, but missed them by an hour, so we drove over the bridge to get ice cream and take a drive around the five mile loop at Point Defiance. It was quite beautiful, and except for those people rushing past us who didn't appreciate the majesty around them, we had a lovely time. Laudate was cancelled the following night, so Rich's folks watched the kids again and we went and had that peddle boat trip anyway.

Sounds like fun birthday plans!

Kat with a K
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