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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sloth, Avarice & Pride

The batteries and the camera have not been in the same place since last Friday, so no photos still. Yes, I am too lazy to get the diaper bag out of the car and bring it inside to replace the batteries in the camera. Amira wore her dress to Sunday and delighted in untying the ribbon throughout the service. That is, when she wasn't busy pulling her hair clip out of her hair and yelling "NO!" when we tried to help her put it back on. Then throwing it on the floor when she couldn't get it back in her own hair. I don't think we could have gotten her to stand still long enough to get a photo taken anyway. Regardless, she looked beautiful, and all the folks in our Bible study who have been watching me make it were suitably complimentary.

There is currently a discussion on the Knit List about teaching young children to knit, how early they can do it, what size needles they should use, etc. I'm taking bets on how many days until the list moms put the kibbosh on it. The last time people were discussing knitting with children, it was forbidden as a non-knitting, even though the people talking about it were talking about knitting while homemaking, making time for knitting, places that knitting could take place, how one could knit while looking after children. Evidently, though, this workplace wasn't seen as an on topic subject, while folks talking about knitting in the office, at board meetings, while commuting and even in the bathrooms, was. So, here's the deal: Leave a comment with your estimate of when the list moms will shut down the discussion, and a way to contact you. The closest guess will get some Cotton Angora yarn from me, and if they don't squash the discussion, I will randomly pick someone to receive yarn.

Rich called from work to ask if I had a problem with his going out to hit some golf balls with a friend tonight. This is the kind of thing single people ask us about in heavy italics: You have to ask permission to go do something? Well, yes and no. We don't have to, it's just nicer. It is courteous and respectful to check in with your spouse before you take off leaving them holding dinner for hours, of worrying if the car died somewhere and you are stuck, if there were plans made already that you forgot, this is a good way to find out about it before you leave your family in the lurch, and sometimes your husband/wife will say that s/he would rather you didn't do something because it has been a difficult day, s/he isn't feeling well and would like some company/help/caretaking. Also, amazing as this may seem to those folks who think marriage is boring, restricting and pleasure killing, we actually _like_ spending time with each other, and sometimes just want a little face time. Even still, the answer is usually no problem, go ahead.

Well, when I said I had no problem with his going out (he was going to be meeting with this fellow tonight anyway, and they'd just go hit the golf course afterward, and I find golf to be a boring interruption of an otherwise pleasant walk and would rather he took someone else along anyway), he waxed poetic about what a great wife I was. I asked him from whence this adoration sprang, because although I know he was sincere and really thinks this of me, I didn't think anything particularly noteworthy had occurred. However, I think I have discovered why he did this. I overheard the fellow who works for him in the background, and this guy has been through a rather ugly divorce in the last five years and has become rather jaded about marriage. Rich has been trying to let him know that marriage and wives aren't so bad, after all, and he shouldn't look so harshly on them.

This is the same fellow who said to Rich on the first Valentine's day he worked here: Oh, that's right, you have to go do all that romantic garbage tonight. I love Rich's response: I know you had a bad experience with marriage, but I have a good marriage, we love each other and I want to be with her.

Just another reason I'm glad I married him.


Sounds like you married a good man (I married a good one, too : )). They're should be more men like that in the world!!!
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