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Saturday, July 23, 2005

One More

One more great day of working at the yarn shop. I got to open up and close today, and we did a great day's work. A lady came in who didn't know how to do applied I-cord, and I taught her. Another lady wanted to learn how to tension her yarn better as she purled and I taught her too! Many projects saved by my finding the right yarn or color and I even finished off Amira's dress! She is wearing it tomorrow to church, and I'll get a photo of her in it.

One more reason to give up sleep: With part of my first paycheck, I bought some tatting thread, a set of tatting needles, and a how to book and taught myself how to needle tat last night! I am needling away on crochet thread, on perle cotton and on tatting thread. I am going to make tatted butterfly earrings! And dragonflies! And flowers for dresses, and edgings for pillowcases, and christening caps for my grandchildren! This is almost as good as knitting.

One more day until my birthday! You thought I'd forgotten, didn't you?

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