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Saturday, July 30, 2005

I Lied!

I lied when I said it had been almost a week since I last knit, because I know I knit on my birthday (after I finished painting my mug, which I picked up today), and I think I knit on either Monday or Tuesday. I finished the front of Amira's Not Square Play, anyway.

Just got back to the leaf edging on my two skein wonder. Perhaps I will be able to really have it finished in time to wear it to the shop next Saturday.

Today was fun! I worked with another woman and we had a few knitting 911s that came in. I was able to teach one woman how to do stranded knitting with one color in each hand, showed another how to fix her mistakes and another how to remount her stitches and pick up lost sts with her needle. It wasn't as busy as it has been lately, but still brisk business. I only wove in four more ends in the Little Boy Green.

We're hosting our church tomorrow for a blackberry feast. We will pick berries, make dessert and eat. I'm roasting a turkey, and folks are bringing side dishes. We'll make the dessert with what we pick: pies, cobblers, crisps, milkshakes (Rich makes an incredibly purple blackberry milkshake which is to die for!). In fact, I recently received some yarn in almost the same purple color, but the Brown Sheep Company calls it Prairie Lupine. What do they know?

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I wished that I lived near you as I love black berries...really any kind of berries is good with me.

Hope you had a great time.
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