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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Black Sheep Report Part 2

Here, at last, is the second part of the Black Sheep Report.

I believe we left off on Friday. Saturday, we slept in a little bit, had a leisurely breakfast, and Rich sent me off to Black Sheep by myself, while he took the kids on a walk to the park, via the fire station where they were given a tour by the fellow who was there.

I arrived at Black Sheep at around noon thirty. Started off in the center building and took my time looking at the different displays. There was a spinning circle, and although I don't have a wheel, I sat with them and worked on my knitting. When I was sufficiently hungry, I stopped to eat my lunch, which Rich had lovingly packed for me that morning. There were Oreos and Cheetos in there along with my healthy ham and cheese sandwich on whole grain bread and bottled water.

After lunch, I went back in to look at the prize winners for the knitting, weaving and spinning competitions. There was a really neat girl's sweater with a large lace heart on the front that I want to try to recreate. I didn't really care for the neck, and I will do different edgings around the hem and cuffs, and get rid of the honking bobbles around the heart, and make it a modified drop shoulder rather than a straight drop shoulder, but I took a close up photo of the heart so I could figure out how to make it. There were some amazing examples of color and lace and construction in the knitting categories, and the yarns that were spun were gorgeous! I don't know a whole lot about weaving, but what I saw looked nice to me.

Just around the corner from this display was a booth with these great blown glass pens, knitting needles and crochet hooks. They were out of my price range, but now that I have this handy yarn money job, I may be able to pick up a pen (I'd be afraid of the kids breaking the needles, if I left them out in a project).

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Most of that afternoon, I spent wandering and chatting with people. A woman with an alpaca yarn booth was also married to a pilot and he was there. We talked about some of the changes in airlines, procedure, how flying has changed since 9-11, and I told them about the jet tie I was planning on knitting for Rich (bought the perfect red there for it). Her husband flies into our area sometimes, so I told him to look Rich up. I didn't have a whole lot to buy, since I was primarily looking for lace yarn for me, and scouting out some small companies our yarn shop wants to sell in our area.

I left the fairgrounds at around 3:30 and ran a couple errands, then went to pick up the family for the potluck at Black Sheep. Three sheep farmers donated a romney, border leicester and corriedale to be roasted for the potluck, and everyone else brought something to share. I got to spin some silk and merino on a wheel I am interested in possibly buying, and the kids ran around having a blast. The food was amazing! Amira walked around saying bye bye to everyone she passed, and making devoted followers of all who saw her.

We went home and crashed after that. We had an early day the next morning, because we needed to be packed up and checked out before we headed to church at 9:00 am. Rich and I packed up as much as we could that night, so the morning was spent putting it in the car, rather than packing it all up. We laid out the kids' clothes, our clothes and a change of clothes for after church (which we never used). Then, we had another night of reading out in the breezeway, before turning in a bit earlier.

Sunday, after church at St. Matthew's, we went to my mom's house. She had lunch waiting for us, sambousak, foul medammas, salad, and a chicken and meat dish that she swears I ate as a kid, but I can't remember, it is based on the same dough that gatayif is made of, but is savory instead of sweet, and layered (though you can make it rolled like gatayif if you want to be fancy). We brought pita bread, and had a great lunch. Mom got to see the kids running around, we got to have a pit stop before making the drive home and I got to show the kids pictures of me when I was a little girl, and pictures of my maternal family. My grandmother died a year and a half ago, and she had never met Rich or the kids, so I showed them some pictures of her and told stories about the times I had had with her.

We left there and headed up to Portland to have dinner with Rich's folks. That was a really quick stop, just long enough to eat, change diapers and make potty stops and head back on the road, because Rich had to be at work the next morning. Next time, we are planning an extra day, so we can rest on Monday.


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