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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Back to Knitting

I am seriously considering ripping out the Mystery Stole. I like the side panels and the lattice at the beginning, but I am not thrilled with the center panel, at least not in this yarn, and I really don't want to start over in another yarn. The lattice would be a nice block in a baby blanket, or an edging on an otherwise plain sweater, and I can likely find a way to use the panels I like in something else.

As for Amira's dress, I took a break from it right after her choking, I just couldn't look at it that night, and didn't want to touch it again right away. However, I brought it to Bible study and my women's group and have it all sewn up and all the edgings finished on it. I need to weave in the ends, sew on a button, wash and lightly block it, then thread the ribbon through the eyelets. I am going to modify the fiery bolero from the Summer IK for Amira, and make it in the same yarn in black. She can wear it with the bolero in the fall and with a shirt beneath it and the bolero in the winter.

Our camera is still missing its batteries. I will buy some soon, and take photos. Elijah's sweater is back on the radar, I have it in my knitting bag so I can work on weaving in a few ends when I have a few minutes at the yarn shop when we have a slow time. He may even get to wear it this fall, before it goes to Amira.

Working at the yarn shop is such a blast! We had the grand re-opening party this last Saturday, and had tons of people come in. There was an Anny Blatt fashion show in the morning and Debbie Macomber came in to sign her new book, A Good Yarn. I hadn't seen her since her last knitting novel came out, and had been wanting to renew the friendship, so we made tentative plans to get together in mid September. She hadn't seen Amira since last year, and hasn't seen the boys in a long time. Rich taught her husband how to fly instruments, and that is how we got to know each other. She has almost an entire yarn shop in her basement! I only have half of one.

Birthday countdown: Five days to my 29th birthday! We still don't know what we are doing, although we certainly have my presents in order. Even the boys have figured that out, they keep telling me that they are giving me yarn. A friend of mine is going on a trip to the Brown Sheep factory and picking up pounds of yarn to order for her other friends, me included, and I'm getting a few patterns that I've been wanting for some time. So, I will make some cake, and we'll grill some food and have a nice time together.

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