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Monday, June 20, 2005

Off to Black Sheep

I will likely only post once more, if at all, before we head down to Black Sheep. Clue 2 on the Mystery Stole has been completed, and I've begun Clue 3, but not made much progress. I will be bringing it and Amira's dress and Elijah's sweater on the trip. I will be buying lace things, largely while I am down there, and we'll be there in time to see the Sheep to Shawl!

I don't know whether or not I'll bring Dominic's sweater, I am almost finished with the back, and may cast on for the front before we leave. We'll see, as his birthday party is tomorrow evening, and we have lots of work on the house and yard to do still. Not to mention the packing up, another birthday party to attend and the travelling.

Our families are providing lots of our favorite foods on our trip, that will be a treat, and we are visiting with a friend who is back in the US from Israel for a few weeks. She's one of the few friends from college with which we still keep in touch, her husband is still in Israel at yeshiva, but she is bringing her son to visit with their families.

I cannot wait to visit with Fr. Bryce and Deanna, and we are looking forward to seeing them and visiting St. Matthew's. I hope she likes the shawl.

Well, back to work here. I will try to post once more before we leave.


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