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Friday, June 10, 2005

Mystery Stole

I finished the first clue, and am going to start the second later today. People are saying this second part is only taking about an hour or so, so I figure I won't have to rush it. Because I don't know the finished size of the stole, I am marking my progress in terms of how much of each clue I have finished. I'm sure the third and possibly the fourth clue will be much larger than these first two, or we're going to have a very short and stubby stole. I am also considering making this stole for Nancy instead of the Pi, and giving the Pi to MIL, Carol, for Christmas instead. She has had a difficult time of it for the past couple years, and except for a Christmas ornament, I haven't made her anything knit yet.

I need to get back to housework. Our home is still in recovery from our camp out last weekend, and there is laundry on every surface right now.

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