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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My Best Friend Has Left Me

Well, not yet. She leaves for Florida on Friday. Rich is helping her load up a piano to take to another friend's house where someone is coming to buy it. She and her son are spending tonight and tomorrow night with us, and leaving at around 7:00 am Friday, so they don't have to spend $300 at a hotel. And so they don't just leave without a goodbye. I am very sad.

A few months ago her company said that she had been on the West Coast too long and that sometime this summer they'd want her to move back to FL. Then a month or two ago, it was sometime in July. By the time we returned from Eugene, it was July 1. She is the woman I call when we need to make 1:00 am trips to the ER. She is the woman who watched each of our older children during the births of the subsequent children. I told Rich that we couldn't have any more children if Lisa moved away.

She said so long as we let her know early enough in any given pregnancy, she will be back to watch the kids for us.

I'm trying to get my sadness out now, so I can cheer her up when she arrives. I made banana bread for her, and for dinner some sausage cooked with potatoes, onions and cabbage and some egg noodles. We have oreos and cinnamon graham crackers and milk to dunk our sorrows away. She is pretty sad about this move, too, though, so I can't be sad around her. She feels unsure enough as it is.

So, now I need a new local best friend. It is so hard to break a new one in, too. We have lots of close friends, but none that we could call at 2:00 am. She was one of my friends who could call me on my bad behavior, or tell me where my thinking was wrong, and she prayed for me in all circumstances. We were both pretty lousy about calling each other, so we'd go weeks at a time without talking and then catch up just like that. It is never the same after someone moves.

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