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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Last Post Before Black Sheep

I really mean it this time. We are heading down today, well tonight. We're stopping at the kids' grandparents for dinner, visiting with a friend and staying the night with them. Tomorrow, we will continue down and stop at the great grandparents before getting settled.

This is the first trip down that we aren't planning on visiting with tons of people in town in a long time. Except for Fr. Bryce, and my mom, there aren't really any people we were friends with who still live in the area. Rich asked if there was anyone in particular I wanted to catch up with, but I couldn't think of anyone who still lived there. If we run into someone, I guess we could visit, but they would be on a visit home, too.

I will take lots of pictures at Black Sheep, and of Deanna in her shawl. Rich said it took a lot for him not to blurt it out that a gift was coming for her when Fr. Bryce called to confirm dinner plans. If they have seen this blog, they already know, but I don't know that they spend a lot of time on knitting blogs.

See you when we return!


Ranee--your fbs is lovely! And what a generous gift :O)
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