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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Getting Back Online

I have a new computer! I still haven't retrieved the stuff from my old harddrive, but that's is because we cannot find the software for the CD burner. When I get the photo software loaded on this computer, I will post some more pictures as well.

I did receive my lovely blocking wires from Zonta, and will be blocking the FBS this weekend. I have also added a new KAL, because I will be finished with two here this weekend. I joined the Mystery Stole Along and am excited about knitting this up.

I also cast on for a little dress for Amira, not the Kitchen Cotton, Patons Grace. I was so beguiled by the beautiful colors of the kitchen cotton, that I forgot how much I hate working with it, and how it feels on my hands. Does anyone want three balls of pretty cotton candy colored Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton? The Grace does not have any of these problems. It is a lovely apricot color, and is knitting up relatively quickly. I bought seven balls of this and seven balls of black about a year ago, and have been waiting to use it on this project for that long. I will make a little baby bolero for her out of the black and some Mary Janes with the apricot as the sock and the black as the shoe. I'm making these all large enough for a two year old, so she has a chance of wearing them next year if I don't finish this summer. I'm also using Russian joins rather than weaving in ends. I may get this finished yet!

I've stalled a little on Dominic's Zig Zag, because I am hoping that Amira will be able to wear this dress by the end of the summer. However, since I now need to wind another ball of the Grace (I used the first all up last night at Alexander's graduation), I will likely return to his Zig Zag at least for a while. I'd like it to be finished by the time school pictures roll around in the fall.

He will not be in Mrs. Debby's class next year, because she is retiring to Arizona. She decided this without first consulting us, and I am slightly put out. We also didn't find out until last night, which made us really sad. She has been an amazing teacher, and although I'm sure her replacement will be fine, she has some work set out for her in trying to meet up to people's expectations.

Alexander did his performances in the pageant and songs quite well. He was able to use his butterfly costume from Halloween again, since they sang a butterfly song. Very cute. Mrs. Debby had them do recitations of poems, sing songs, answer questions about things they had learned that year, do math problems and counting, by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s and 100s. She also had them read a story in parts. They also recited the Pledge of Allegiance, the Lord's Prayer, the 23rd Psalm and all the parents favorite verse Ephesians 6:1. The kids did so well! We were proud of all they have done this year.

I am also a bit weepy, because our time with Alexander as a little child is already slipping away. I know that one day we will see him graduate from high school and get ready to go to college or work and it will be about two minutes from the time I gave birth to him.

Today is bittersweet for me.

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