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Monday, June 20, 2005

Flower Basket Shawl

No photo yet, but it is blocked and finished and ready to give to Deanna. I forgot to mention that in the previous post. It ended up measuring 68 inches across the top and 31 inches deep. Evidently, my row gauge wasn't quite what the pattern specified, or it would have ended up closer to 34 inches deep, but that is alright. It is beautiful!

I'm always amazed at what blocking does to lace. It grew and opened up so nicely. I took one picture of it blocking, but it is on a floral comforter, so the pattern is a bit difficult to see. I will take a picture of it somewhere else soon, and maybe even on Deanna. Rich was quite impressed, as were the boys, to see what it looked like finished. Although it was pretty just knit up, lace doesn't really look like much before it is blocked. What a joy it was to finish it, this is a pattern I might even make again for myself. I have a lovely alpaca that could work nicely.

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