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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Don't Leave Home Without It!

I ran out of knitting last night at Alexander's graduation! I didn't want to haul in my whole knitting bag, plus my purse, plus the diaper bag, plus all the kids. Rich is only able to hold two kids at a time in his lap, and it is considered rude for us to put loads of stuff on the seats so other people can't sit in the same row with us. Besides, I knew I'd be taking pictures, too, so I just brought the cotton dress (st st, with decreases every 10 rows, mindless knitting). I briefly thought of rolling up another ball of the Grace, but I was sure that I wouldn't run out, after all how long could a kindergarten graduation take?

A long time. This is not the fault of the school, the kindergarten class or their teachers. It was the fault of unruly teenage older siblings and parents who aided and abetted them in their bad behavior. Right at the end of the program, when the kids were going to graduate, they went back to their room to get their caps and gowns on (I know). These ill mannered people (who evidently also cannot read, since the program clearly said they were coming back to get their diplomas after the butterfly song), got up, started eating all the good cookies at the back of the room and went into the kindergarten room to harass and annoy the already nervous kids. They distracted them from their final practice of the song and recitations they were going to do and delayed the finish by...Guess how long? 45 minutes! Then, when the kids processed out in their cute little outfits, some of these same poorly bred people walked IN FRONT of the graduates to get to their seats. We could barely hear the teacher and the kids, mostly because these same people were being so noisy.

At the end of graduation last night, we had someone come up and thank us for being such good parents. We laughed and told her that we sure had her fooled, but she insisted. Well, I found out this morning why. We saw the brazen grazing, we heard the talking and rudeness, but we did not know that these people were what held up graduation last night. I guess by remaining in our seats, telling our kids they couldn't run around and that they needed to be quiet and wait, we were being revolutionary.

So, the moral of this story is sit down and be quiet, read your stinking program and bring that extra ball of yarn. Next time, I'm bringing the whole bag.

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