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Friday, June 10, 2005

Cruelty at the Zoo

The Point Defiance Zoo folks are cruel beyond imagination. They have a musk ox. They even used to have a display out about qiviut and had yarn samples and knit things to see. You can see all the lovely qiviut all over the musk ox area, hanging from trees, on the grass, on blackberry brambles, stumps, everywhere! Just a few feet out of reach, so that the knitter or spinner cannot get to them.

Get this! They refuse to give any away! We tried to buy it, but they said they couldn't make gain from the animals (then how can they sell the Zoo Doo, I ask you?), so we said, fine just give it away. No go. I told all the kindergarten folks about this lovely fiber and how expensive it is, and how the zoo is just wasting it letting it rot and float away. Mrs. Debby was slightly concerned that I was going to hoist one of the kids over the railing to have them get some for me. The musk ox was sleeping elsewhere, it wouldn't have been that dangerous. However, I wasn't going to do that to my kids. If I could have gotten one of the other kids to do it, though. There is one who is quite lithe and adventurous, she would have done it in a heartbeat.

So, after I stopped gazing longingly at the wretched, wasted qiviut, we walked on to the owls. Because I always bring my knitting, I had been knitting the entire zoo trip. At the owls was a woman who was a new knitter! She came over and asked about my provisional cast on and my lace. I told her about the Mystery Stole Along, and I hope she joins up.

Also, on admiring the peacocks there, I was telling one of the moms about my shimmer yarn and how it is almost the perfect color for the peacock shawl. It has the silk for the shimmer, the blues, greens and turquoise, but is missing the yellow and oranges. It is my peacock yarn until I find the absolute perfect peacock colors. So, I was describing the shawl and the yarn and how much I want the perfect peacock shawl, and she said: Who wouldn't want a peacock shawl? She also asked a fair bit about my knitting, and I am thinking I could teach her to knit and hang out with her some more. One of the other moms is a beginner knitter, and I am trying to encourage her along.

Rich thinks it is because I don't want to drink knit alone.

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