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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Needlework Novels

What is the deal with throwing in man bashing, women are the victims of everyone, religious people are out to get you, but they're bumbling idiots, but they rule the world (diabolical idiots?), and everything you could possibly want to do or think is okay, as long as we agree with it, so we support everything (even when they contradict) junk being inserted in random places in needlework novels? They don't even help the plot, or have anything to do with it, do not enhance the characters and are just plain poor writing. Otherwise well written books are ruined by this plug in the political pap that has become increasingly common. I may have to start writing my own knitting fiction.

I still have some fiddling to do with the retreat photos, and have been swamped at home, so haven't had much time to do so. I also picked up that new project, but haven't finished it yet. I wanted to have it done last weekend. So, this weekend is the new goal. I haven't been very good about finishing things this year.

St. Martha's Guild isn't meeting this month, between holidays, schedule conflicts and illness, it just didn't work. We have the church campout the first weekend in June, so we're moving the guild meeting and the men's breakfast to the second Saturday in June. I have been so busy with other things outside the home and not meeting with my Cursillo group as often, that I haven't had a whole lot of knitting time since I came back from California. I hope to remedy that soon.

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