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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Knit Camp Northwest

I have several people who are interested in pursuing this seriously. I'm starting to get really excited about it. When I have some solid information, I will post it.

I have decided to move my foodie talk (or the bulk of it anyway) to: Tales from the Kitchen. I will mention that we are hosting our second annual Tongues of Flame Barbecue at our house and have about 20 pounds of meat marinating in our fridge.

Yes, we have no new photos. I'm slow and not very good at posting them now. I also don't have a whole lot more progress to report on any knitting, but I did get some cool, cheapo Lion Brand stuff at our grocery store, since they had coupons for buy two skeins get one free. I bought three of the Trellis in the blue shades, because $13 is the most I will spend on frou-frou yarn like that, and I'd rather get the cheapo stuff of the novelty yarns anyway. I also bought three skeins of Lion Cotton, in the Candy Colors variegated. I am going to make a little sundress for Amira out of it. I know it will fade with time, but does anyone know if it will shrink? Should I treat it like denim yarn, and assume it will be shorter after I wash it?

Oh, Amira took six steps today! That is her record so far, without holding on to the wall or anything. She still is more interested in crawling, as it is faster, but is liking the walking thing, too.

I don't think I ever mentioned the Mother's Day Tea at Dominic's pre-school, he made me a fan with glittery stars on it, and a choker on pink organza ribbon with his picture on it, like a cameo, we also got matching beaded bracelets. His teachers served us and it was so much fun. A friend of mine watched Elijah and Amira for me so I could go, and it was a treat to have that special time just with me and Dominic. By the actual Mother's Day, though, he wanted to know what the big deal was, we'd already had tea for crying out loud.

Rich cheated, and surprised me with a gift, even though we had said that my trip, the stuff I bought myself and my massage were going to be my Mother's Day gift. He bought me this beautiful glass, footed pedestal with gold leaf on it and an etched design of a feather around part of it. We are trying to decide what to gracefully arrange on it for tomorrow. It is also useful for home defense, as we can reflect bright lights into intruders eyes to blind them and then knock them on the head.

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