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Friday, May 13, 2005

Fir Cone Scarf Given

I gave the scarf to...Kelly last night. It was a late graduation gift, she just finished her Master's degree. She was so surprised, especially because she had seen me working on it and did not know it was for her, and she seemed delighted. I was glad to brighten her day.

It is somewhat misleading to say that it was my design, it was stitch pattern from a stitch dictionary with a seed stitch border all around all knit on really big needles. Anyway, it is no longer a secret project.

I have just over one repeat to do on the Flower Basket Shawl before I start the edging. This goes so quickly, if only I had more time to put on it, I would have had it done in a couple three weeks. Ah well, it still looks like I can have it finished in time. Rich has found some welding rods that I will be able to use as blocking wires (much cheaper than the blocking wires), so that should speed up finishing time, too.

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