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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Finally FO!

I have two finished objects today! I wove in the ends on the Fir Cone Scarf, and it is washed and blocking on my bed as I type.

I also finished all the seaming on Lara. It looks like I won't be able to wear this pinned, because of my children-enhanced bust, but Rich likes it better open anyway. I finished the side seams at my group reunion last night, and attached the neck while Rich worked on fixing the gas grill when I got home.

Lara was an easy pattern to follow. I think I changed which row I started on for the final cuff, so I'd have exactly the same number of rows, but other than that, I just blindly followed. This would be an easy pattern to modify, though, and I am going to help my friend Kelly do just that with her lovely purple yarn that she bought at Velona.

Camp News:

I have put out feelers for some instructors, have a place in mind and am working out the rest. The earliest this would happen is late next summer, but more likely the summer of 2007.

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