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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Amira is 364 days old today. Her favorite game right now is something we call the name game. I was trying to get her to learn that my name was Mama and her name was Amira. So, I'd say "My name is Mama!" and point to myself, then point to her and say "Your name is Amira!" She thought this was the funniest thing in the known universe. She now yells "Name!" happily and laughs and laughs. She also expects me to yell name back, equally joyful. This isn't too hard, since it makes her face light up and her laugh is so funny it makes anyone around her laugh, too. The amazing side effect of this game is that it has gotten her to call me Mama. However, it wasn't because she was learning all about what names and nomenclature are, but because I was driving and not paying attention to the name game, so she really yelled: MAMA! and got my attention, then said "Name!" so I would say the same back. Whatever it takes.

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