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Saturday, February 05, 2005

We Have a Bedroom Again!

We finally can sleep in our room (and new bed which only saw seven months of use last year) again! We had given it up to Amira, because she would wake up so much more with us in there, so we let her have it and we slept in the living room or on the futon upstairs. Elijah and Dominic were sharing a room, but Elijah's room was really upstairs with Alexander. We just didn't want to move the crib up there again, since he needed to be in a toddler bed and Amira needed to move into a real crib from the mini-crib. The only hitch was that Dominic would lose his bed to Elijah and there wasn't another bed for him to use. Well, that has been solved. Dominic now has a bunk bed in his room, the top is a twin the bottom is a full size (reminded me of Diff'rent Strokes, actually), and Amira is in the crib in there. Elijah is upstairs with Alexander again, and we have our room back!

OKC: I am just about finished with the second sleeve on Elijah's Little Boy Green, maybe finished tonight. At St. Martha's Guild today, I got very close to the end of my first Cross Your Heart sleeve. I also taught Marthie and Kelly to knit in the round! Whee!

A thousand and one....no one hundred great reasons you are one of a kind. I really like you and I never met you. Thank God for people standing for something, especially if it is Yeshua. I will enjoy coming back to your site to see what more spicy tid bits you have to offer.

Michael Huye

PS, where can I get the cookbook?
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