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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Madrona Recap

I had a blast at Madrona this weekend. Marthie and Kellie seemed to enjoy the talk and teacher's gallery on Friday, Deb Menz spoke and was amazing. I spent all Saturday there knitting, talking and shopping. I did take a break to have lunch with my family, but headed right back to the hotel to keep on knitting. Judith Mackenzie McCuin spoke at the banquet about textiles in Spain which was a lot of fun, too. As usual, I did not win a single doorprize.

While I was there, I finished the last sleeve on my Cross Your Heart, but am still weaving in ends and sewing seams. I am hoping to have this and Little Boy Green done soon.

I bought some wonderful handpaint superwash merino DK in a sherbet colorway which was mostly rosy pinks, peach and pale yellow. I bought some dusty purple Bluefaced Leicester, which will probably become a cardigan for Amira. I also bought some rose colored Koigu to make into the Flower Basket Shawl. I have taken a couple pictures of my yarn, but they came out looking quite bright. They aren't that bright. I'll try to post them soon.

I was going to make this shawl later this year, but have decided to move my other projects out of the way to work on it. A dear friend of ours is battling both ventricular and atrial tachycardia, and I had intended it for her, so thought I'd make it sooner than later to give her something soft, pretty and comforting.

We will be heading in her direction this June, to attend the Black Sheep Gathering, so I am aiming for that date to have it finished. This is why I have added the button for the KAL in my side bar. This shawl will be a project for two of my KALs!

What this means, though, is that I will not be making nearly as much progress on the Pi, though I'm still going to be working on it. I have cast on for Debbie Bliss' Lara in a rhubarb colored alpaca/wool/rayon blend. These three projects are my current knitting. Lara for car and public knitting, Pi for computer knitting and Flower Basket for movie and house knitting.

I've also ordered some Andean Treasure, Shimmer and Alpaca Cloud from Knitpicks. I'm anxiously awaiting my order. Their wishlist is not nearly as convenient to use as Amazon's is. They delete things that are temporarily out of stock and they don't have a url you can send to your friends and family who ask you what you want for your birthday/Christmas/etc. You can send your list via e-mail, but they then have to find the products, order them hope someone else hasn't done the same, since it won't delete off your list when they buy it.

The kids are out of school for President's Day week. Why do kids get a week off of school for this? They just had Christmas break, then MLK Jr., then Easter break. Not to mention, Alexander's teacher sent home daily reading, writing and math assignments for the kids, so I'm here doing school with him each day anyway. We did take Monday off and went to the zoo, since Rich had the day off. I cast on for a newborn hat for a friend's impending grandson, and finished it by the end of the night. Photos coming soon.


My MIL, who is a teacher, says they get this week off to stop the spread of colds. Otherwise, it's always one child sick getting more sick and so on.

I don't know if it works.
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