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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Kids' Styles?

What is the deal with designing trashy clothes for little girls? I was looking through a pattern book for something to make for Amira, and saw all these vampy, trampy designs on little children! On the one hand, I think it isn't that big a deal, because they are little girls, but on the other hand, why sexualize them so young and why get them in the habit of dressing that way only to tell them when they are older that they can't? (Although, looking at the kids at the local public high school tells me that many of their parents aren't telling them they can't)

Because these were patterns, it's easy enough for me to lengthen them or otherwise make them more modest, but it boggles my mind that someone thought it was a good idea to design them that way in the first place.

So, on to nicer things. I am this close to being finished with the first sleeve on my Cross Your Heart. I am also that close to being finished with the second sleeve on Little Boy Green. I'm hoping to have it ready to weave ends in and sew up this weekend. I have been really good at not touching the Pi Shawl, even though I want to, because I really want to get these two finished as soon as possible. Although I'd obviously like to get the Pi Shawl finished also, I don't really have to have it ready to give away until the end of August. It will be a gift to my midwife for many years of service, love and care. She still takes the time to ask after us and pray for us as we need it. Her job has been such a calling, both to her and her husband really, and she lives it that way.

Right now, I am planning which projects to bring with me on the trip down to Beaumont. Between the long road trip and the uninterrupted time there to think and knit freely, I imagine I will get quite a bit finished. Marthie is also now getting excited about this prospect, and I am prepping her for yarn shopping in a couple weeks and the Seattle Knitting Expo in April, right before we leave. Four out of five of us going on the trip are knitters and crocheters, so I'm betting I'll be able to encourage some side trips to yarn shops on the way down or up. After all, our husbands will be home with our kids and we'll be freewheeling on the freeway.

I'm planning on bringing the Pi Shawl, if I haven't finished it, Blaze from Knitty (I've promised Rich to make a sweater girl sweater soon, since I've been working on this bulky one which will cover me up so effectively), some fish slippers that I've promised Alexander and a black and apricot cotton dress for Amira. I think that should be enough for a five day trip, don't you?

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