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Monday, February 07, 2005

100 Things About Me

First let me tell you that I have finished all the knitting on Elijah's sweater (not the neck), and have the ends to weave in and the sewing before I can knit up the neck. I want to be finished completely next weekend. All those ends are quite daunting, though. This is the last time I make a raglan in pieces, and I think it is the last time I will make a colorwork pattern which uses three colors in one row. I might make an exception to the latter comment, but not the first. I have also finished one sleeve of my Cross Your Heart, and have begun the ribbing (first repeat of the cable pattern is finished) on the second sleeve. I want that to be finished by Valentine's Day or February 18 at the latest. Pictures will be forthcoming.

Now, since so many people have done this, I thought I would try to think of 100 things about myself:

1. I am a Christian.

2. I am a Saudi American, both my parents are from Saudi Arabia and I was born and raised in the US.

3. I believe that the liturgical, charismatic and evangelical expressions of Christianity are all valid, authentic and historic expressions.

4. I seriously considered becoming a nun.

5. I married at 20.

6. I had my first child at 22, and three more since then.

7. I am largely conservative morally, socially, fiscally and politically, but every now and then surprise people.

8. The reason I am not a libertarian is because I don't believe that people will do what is best if left to themselves.

9. I have had two major surgeries within the last 3 years.

10. I was miraculously healed of a condition which caused me to be infertile.

11. I live on an airport.

12. I always have three or more books that I'm reading at any given time.

13. I slow down when people tail gate.

14. I love to knit.

15. I play the violin.

16. I learned to knit 19 years ago.

17. I learned to read when I was 3 1/2.

18. I learned to write before I learned to read.

19. I am an incredible cook.

20. My cooking has caused several men to propose to me.

21. Some after I was already married.

22. My favorite color is red, but it's hard for me to stick to a favorite color.

23. I learned ballroom dance from dirty old men at the Eagle's club when I was sixteen.

24. I learned latin dance from dirty college guys who got a thrill from an underage girl.

25. I danced ballet from the time I was 4 through the time I was 16, off and on.

26. I love to sing and make up songs to sing to our children.

27. I would never "upgrade" my wedding ring.

28. I designed my wedding ring, and Rich didn't see it until the night we were married.

29. I was married on New Year's Eve.

30. We spent less than $4000 on the entire wedding, including my ring, gown and our honeymoon, and had a gorgeous and wonderful time.

31. I am a born again conservative/recovering liberal, depending on your perspective.

32. I grew up in an incredibly liberal environment.

33. I don't think spanking kids is abuse.

34. We have to discipline our kids less frequently because of this.

35. Having kids made me put up with less garbage from other people, when I realized that the same behaviour/attitude/words would be grounds for discipline in a child.

36. I am appalled by people who equate their pets with their children (or other people's children).

37. I believe in patriarchy.

38. I believe there can be abuse in patriarchy, but that it doesn't make patriarchy abuse.

39. I am a homemaker.

40. I make almost all of our food from scratch, including preserves, jams, jellies, bread, pickles and yogurt.

41. I lead our youth group with my husband.

42. I am working on allowing God to sanctify me daily.

43. I observe the liturgical calendar.

44. I am a peacemaker.

45. I am not a pacifist.

46. I am pro-life.

47. I am pro-marriage.

48. I am against divorce.

49. My favorite smell is creamed butter and sugar.

50. Almost everything I like can be linked to or compared with food.

51. I hate my laugh.

52. I am afraid of heights.

53. But I love to fly.

54. I have 4 children under 7.

55. I am open to having more.

56. I would like to adopt at least one child.

57. I wish I had siblings.

58. I am a child of divorce.

59. I went to grade school, middle school, high school and college in the same town.

60. I lived in more places before I was 7 than I did the rest of my life (8 places before I was 7, 6 places since then, 5 of those after I entered college).

61. I have lived in three states in my adult life.

62. I have never successfully gone downhill skiing.

63. I think jogging is sick.

64. I used to teach dance.

65. I am working on a cookbook.

66. I have never watched an entire reality tv show.

67. We don't have any television reception, not even pbs.

68. I don't miss watching television.

69. I have a happy, strong marriage.

70. I hate being late.

71. When I was a child, I would ask to stay home if we were running late for school.

72. Everyone who is close to me is late all the time.

73. I think this is part of that daily sanctification.

74. If I ever own a llama I will name it Dolly.

75. I quit school to get married.

76. I don't regret it.

77. Sometimes I want to go back just so I can have it finished, but I don't really care about having a college degree.

78. I can speak English, Arabic and French.

79. I learned enough Latin to understand people who are speaking Spanish or Italian, but not enough to respond to them in their language.

80. I can read it, though.

81. I learned to fly a plane before I learned to drive a car.

82. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 23, a month after I had my second child.

83. I planned on never having children.

84. I grew up an only child with just my mother.

85. I grew into a marriage with three boys.

86. I have a second chance at a mother daughter relationship with my daughter.

87. I would go without many things to provide for my children.

88. I do that now, so does my husband, so we can pay for private school tuition.

89. I'd rather be broke and raise the children myself, than have money and hire someone else to do it.

90. I met my husband at a ballroom dance.

91. I told him I wasn't looking for anything serious, and that I didn't and wouldn't love him.

92. Within three months of us starting to date, we discussed the possibility of marriage, within a year, we knew we would get married, two and a half years after we met we were married.

93. Our first conversation was about the high incidence of renal failure in Lane County.

94. I can follow Rich's lead in dance just by watching his face, to really follow his cues in dance, I have to close my eyes.

95. This is how we work together in just about everything.

96. I love my family more than my life.

97. I used to think I'd want to die first so I wouldn't be saddened by missing Rich, but now I think it would be better to outlive him, so he wouldn't be saddened at missing me.

98. I want my children to outlive me.

99. I love to play with my family.

100. I am happier with my life now than I could have been with the career and success I envisioned for myself when I was younger.


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