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Monday, January 17, 2005

How to Destroy Over 16 Hours Worth of Work in Less than 5 Seconds

I am so sad. Last night I was sewing up the second seam on the christening cap, when I just couldn't get over the look of the first seam. So, I finished the second, and decided to redo the first. It just wasn't even enough, and the second one looked so much better. Well, I snipped the wrong strand. Right on the edge near the bound off part, and basically unravelled all the knitting at the end. However because of the fact that it was already washed and blocked, was kind of fuzzy from the alpaca, and where I made the snip, I pretty much had to undo it all and start over. At least the lace edging was a separate piece.

I cried so hard last night. Rich tried to save the day with ice cream and holding me tight. Alexander came to the dining room and said that he thought I was pretty, and Rich started listing off all the other great things about me and getting amens from Alexander. Then, he said, "So, why don't we go out to celebrate Mommy!" This helped me get my head clear so I could start over on the bonnet again.

It was very sweet of Rich to comfort me as he did. He cleared the kids out of the living room, sent them to Dominic's room with several games, started making dinner and in general took over for me so I could just cry and be devastated in peace. He looked at me and told me that although I made it look effortless, he knew how much work went into each project I make, especially after he tried to knit the other night and saw how much work went into his straight knitting.

So, I restarted the bonnet last night, I am where I was last Saturday, and I don't think I will have a sweater to wear to the fiber retreat, because all of my knitting time will be put toward this and Elijah's sweater. At least I was two weeks early on the bonnet, and this didn't happen the night before the baby shower. In two weeks Rich's mom and aunt are coming to visit, so he said that I should take that Saturday off to go knit on my sweater, to make up for the time I will lose while I work on this.

The one bit of solace I take from this was that there was something on the back of the bonnet with which I wasn't entirely satisfied, so now I can do it exactly as I wanted it, and now I know how to best seam it, and not to finish off my seaming until I am perfectly sure that I am pleased with the results. I've never had something like this happen before, and I've certainly seamed a lot of things, and made mistakes I had to go and redo. I am still pretty depressed.

As for my Cross Your Heart, I am almost finished with the first cuff. I have finished the first sleeve on Elijah's Little Boy Green. I was going to make a pair of gloves for Alexander as my next small project, but that will also be on hold. If I don't start them soon, too, there is no point in making them for him until the Fall, since we will be out of cold weather in about two months. Since I will be frantically working on my sweater and Elijah's sweater when I get this bonnet done, I won't have time for a little side project.


Oh, that's heartbreaking. I'm glad your family took good care of you last night and I hope that redoing the piece goes by quickly.
Yikes! That is a real bummer.
Oh man! That really stinks. Hugs.
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