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Friday, January 14, 2005

Finished with the Front!

Woo-hoo! I have finished the front of my Cross Your Heart and have started a sleeve. I know I said that I would do both sleeves at once, but that is crazy. These things start pretty wide and then get wider, and they are saddle shoulder. So, I'm just keeping notes on where I do the increases. I have also finally started the raglan shaping on Elijah's sweater. Now, for the weekend, my assignment is to sew up the christening cap, get Elijah's first sleeve finished and make some good progress on mine.

We actually have a weekend that isn't packed from morning to night, so I might actually get all this done. Rich has set his projects around the house, too, which may now include KNITTING! He asked me to teach him to cast on and knit last night, and has done a row and a half with minimal help. This is so cool! He has always been interested in learning about the techniques I use and the mechanics of knitting, and has gotten pretty good at identifying stitch patterns and different kinds of knitting, but he never was interested in actually doing it himself until now. He is really interested in making me a swift and a spinning wheel, and was always more interested in yarn construction than using the yarn to make something else.

We've always had a deal where I would learn about his interests and he would learn about mine, and we really enjoy that. I do know a little bit about flying from before him, because I learned to fly before I learned to drive. However, after my first set of lessons, I never continued, so Rich has encouraged me to really learn if I want to do it. Since I am married to a CFII, I may take him up on that offer. We'll be the flying, knitting, spinning duo.

That's great that you can share your interests like that!
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