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Thursday, January 06, 2005

End of Year Tally & Knitting Resolutions

You may have noticed that my 2004 FO list is missing from the sidebar. They are still available in an album that is linked there, but I have started my 2005 list. It has a big fat whopping nothing in it, but that will be rectified this month, I hope.

As for my final count of FOs for 2004, I finished nine things. This is down from a record of 39 things in 2002 and even down from 2003's 16 finished objects. However, I didn't have four children running around then, wasn't on the road for two thirds of my day and didn't have Amira before. All three of the boys took less time than she does, but she is so sweet and cute I don't mind terribly.

I don't know if I have mentioned this here, but I made a big deal to Rich before we had Amira that I didn't want to stress the appearance of any female children we might have, it was fine that they would be pretty, but there was more to a girl than her looks and I didn't want her to think that was all she had to offer anyone. Well, that went out the window as soon as I saw Amira. I can't shut up about how pretty she is. Besides, let's face it, we don't know how smart she is, but we do know how gorgeous she is. We are beginning to suspect she is brilliant as well as beautiful, though, as she recognized the kiss of sleep rather early on (when both Rich and I kiss her on either cheek at the same time), and she kicks like fury when we put her pajamas on, because she knows they mean bed. She also recognizes the words: princess, pretty and beautiful, and will cock her head and smile when she hears them.

Anyway, on to my FOs:

1. Origami Baby Kimono for Amira - Kaleidoscope (Jan 4)
2. Charcoal Bonnet for Amira - Diamante (Jan 5)
3. Baby Bootees for Amira - Cream Attitude (Jan 8)
4. Bob Hat for Elijah - Red & Green Naturspun Sport (Jan 13)
5. V-Neck Cardigan for Amira - Purple Waikiki (Jan 21)
6. Lace Bookmark for Mrs. Debby - Hand Dyed Merino (Sep 18)
7. Felted Bootees for Friend's Baby- Yellow Lamb's Pride (Oct 14)
8. Santa Sock for Dominic - Stahl Volare and Teddy (Dec 5)
9. Fancy Purse for Barbara (although I don't think I will give it to her, it is terrible, I have made them a batch of bagels, though) - Purple Touch Me (Dec 30)

As for my knitting goals this year, I would like to finally tackle an intarsia project and a beaded knitting project. I have some things in mind to accomplish this, but we'll see.

Oh, and I might just take you up on that offer, Jennifer. I will see if I still have your e-mail address and send those photos to you.

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