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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Christening Cap Almost Finished!

I finished sewing up the seams tonight. I was going to try to pick up the stitches for the neck, but thought better of it, because I am exhausted. Tomorrow night, though, I have my group reunion, so I will bring it there and very likely finish it up.

I will try to post a picture of the bonnet as soon as it is finished, as it will be out of my hands soon. I also keep meaning to post a shot of my Pi Shawl, though it looks more like a bunched up hat, since it hasn't been blocked. Maybe I'll get that done tomorrow.

The Cross Your Heart is moving again, I am part way up the first sleeve. I have reason to believe that Little Boy Green may be a finished object by next weekend; I'm over halfway through the second sleeve. When it is sewn up, I will pull out the Zig Zag pullover I started for Dominic almost two years ago. It will still fit him, so I'd like to finish it while he can wear it. Otherwise it will go to Elijah, and I'll have to find something else for Dominic.

When I am finished with the Cross Your Heart, and cross your fingers that it will be finished in time for Madrona, I can get started on Lara, finally. I've been dying to make it since I first saw a photo of it in the Patternworks catalogue. I did not spend the insane amount on the Alpaca Silk, however, I do have a gorgeous alpaca, wool and rayon blend in the stash which knits at the same gauge and I have more than enough.

This weekend my mother in law and Rich's aunt are coming to visit with us. I'm taking the Saturday off to go knit and read in the library. I hope to make some good progress on my sleeve, maybe even start the second one. My first deadline was February 13, because I wanted to be able to wear it for Valentine's Day, but my extended deadline is February 17, so I can wear it to Madrona. I'm still trying for the 13th, though.

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