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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Quick Prayer Request

Our family is under physical attack.

Rich was home work yesterday with a stomach bug that kept him up all night the previous night. He is still a little queasy today, and still dealing with the cold and congestion we have had for at least three weeks. I feel like I am reverting to the illness as it was before I did the antibiotic round. Amira has a sinus infection and has had this cold as long as we have. Dominic has an ear infection on top of his cold. Elijah has ear infections in both ears. Alexander has some pneumonia in his right lung. The pediatrician will be seeing Alexander again the week after Christmas, and has referred us to an Ear/Nose/Throat dr who specializes in children for Dominic, because his tonsils are huge, he's always had sinus problems and has sleep problems.

Please pray for us that we would be healed.

We're thinking of you all, and hope you are well soon.
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