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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Little Boy Green Photo Update

Here are the promised images of the front of Elijah's Little Boy Green. I am much happier with the stranding I did on the front, it looks much neater than the back did to me.

Here is some closer detail of the fair isle band.

I'm still not sure I did the neck shaping correctly on the front, as it didn't work out the way the pattern said it should, but it is close enough that I can fudge it in finishing.

Of course, since I want to get this finished by Epiphany and still have to cast on for the sleeves, when I bound off the front what do you think I did? I cast on for a little dressy purse made out of royal purple Touch Me for our neighbor. As an anniversary gift to us, they have invited us to a grand soiree at their home and booked a night in their guest house for us. Our children's godparents are going to be in town and had already offered to take the kids for a night so Rich and I could go out and celebrate our anniversary. The party is two nights early, but we don't mind. I thought I'd make this for Barbara as a thank you gift, and put together a basket of goodies for both of them to bring with us. I've plugged their place before on this list, so here is another plug: Visit the Wurlitzer Manor!

On New Year's Eve (our actual anniversary), rather than doing our huge party this year, because we've been so wiped out, we're inviting our priest's family over again for another game night. The godparents will still be here and we'll have a nice big fancy meal, but on a smaller scale than for the 45 people we have had in the past. Though, now that I think about it, it's down to 18 people when you count up us and our kids, the Harts, their son and his friend who is coming, and the Ramos and their six kids.

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