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Monday, December 06, 2004

Finished the Stocking

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Our children were happily surprised this morning by stockings filled with candy, peanuts, LED keychain bracelets and an apple. St. Nick couldn't afford the ridiculous price of citrus for them to have an orange, so he put in an apple instead.

We are all sick at home today, though improving. The stockings were a nice break in the sick misery we've been dealing with for a week. I finished Dominic's stocking yesterday morning, there is a picture in my FO list in the side bar.

I forgot to mention that two weeks ago, Alexander finally lost that tooth. On the 18th of November, my baby lost his first baby tooth. It seems like an era has just ended. Here is his toothless grin:

Also, since I posted Alexander's kindergarten picture, I will post Dominic's pre-K photo:

He looks 10! I can't believe that he is so big and mature looking. The photo kind of lets us look forward to what he will look like in middle school.

Now that I have finished the stocking, I will be focusing more time on my sweater and Elijah's sweater. I will also get back to working on the christening bonnet for another friend's baby, due in March. I am itching to get started on Blaze from the Fall issue of Knitty, but am waiting to finish Elijah's sweater before I cast on for that.

Thank you to all of you who explained how to work a crochet ring. My priest's wife also showed me, so I was able to at least get some progress on my crochet education. I am waiting for the ladies' conference to really get going on that, though.

I have a couple more things to comment on, but am running out of online time, so I will be back later.


Dominic really does look much older than pre-Kindergarden!
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