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Monday, December 20, 2004

Finished the Front of Little Boy Green

I hope I did it right, but I have finished the front of Elijah's Little Boy Green. I am now going to see if there were any corrections on the pattern, because the neck shaping doesn't seem to work with the shoulder shaping, so I fudged it a bit.

I will get a photo up tonight or tomorrow and you can tell me if it looks wrong.

I am also going to take the cd of photos from All Saints' and see if Rich can email them to me here, so I can post them.

Anyway, I was just excited about my progress. I also think that whomever wrote the pattern for this way overestimated the necessary yarn quantities. I have used up almost one skein of the MC of cotton fleece, for both the front and the back. This leaves three skeins for the sleeves and neck, I'm thinking I'll use half of another skein, maybe 3/4 of one. So, I have more yarn to make a jumper for Amira. I also already have plans for the leftover fair isle colors, since so little of those skeins are used in the sweater.

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