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Monday, November 15, 2004

Thanksgiving, Wiggly Tooth & Orthodox Higher Education

We will be having Thanksgiving at Alexander's school on Thursday. We're bringing mashed potatoes. We will be having Thanksgiving at Dominic's school Monday, we will be bringing pumpkin rolls. We will be having the family over, Muellers, my mom and the Malchert branch of Rich's maternal side on the actual Thanksgiving, and will be making mashed potatoes, gravy, pies galore and pumpkin rolls. Everyone else is bringing the rest. We have three frozen turkeys in our big freezer, because they have been so cheap. I don't think we'll want to actually eat a turkey every again after three Thanksgiving meals in one week's time.

We're also having a leftover feeding frenzy at our house the day after Thanksgiving for our friends and church family. Bring your leftovers to share and come eat until you can't move. We'll have games, movies, and lots of food. We will go all day.

Speaking of big mouths, as of Thursday night, we have been able to see the big boy tooth growing in behind Alexander's loose tooth. It seems it will grow out before the loose tooth leaves his mouth. Like a shark. He very proudly is showing everyone the new grown up tooth wherever we go.

Since he is now fast approaching adulthood, with this new adult tooth on the way, I have been thinking about college/university options for our kids. Obviously, a long way off, but only 12 years from now at the same time.

So, this is a question I have: What Orthodox Christian Institutions of Higher Learning are there? Not limited to the Orthodox Church, but Christian Orthodoxy, any branch, any denomination. We have been looking at some secular schools which are rigorous and sound interesting and fun, and have a couple ideas about Christian schools, but are interested in what is out there. US only please.

Put a note in my comments with the name of the school, website, and why you think it should count as an orthodox college or university.

As for my knitting, I have been working on both the Cross Your Heart and Little Boy Green more lately, only to have Dominic ask about the progress on his stocking and realize I haven't done anything on it recently. So, I will be getting that out again. On smaller needles.

Talked to Becky about the photos from All Saints' and she said she should be able to have a CD to me by Sunday, so look for those photos then.

Would you share the pumpkin roll recipe? That sounds yummy.
I don't know quite what you mean by orthodox, but you might look at SPU (Seattle Pacific University). A Christian (Baptist, if it matters) friend of mine wen there. They do not allow dancing on campus, require a certain number of chapel hours per semester, ask (require?) students to sign something saying they will not drink, even off campus, and have a rule (guideline?) that says that men should not leave campus with women unless they have textbooks or an engagement ring.

This is going from my memory of what my friend told me about the place, so...take it all with a grain of salt.
I'm not entirely certain what you mean by "orthodox," but I know of Trinity International University (http://www.tiu.edu/trinity/about/about1-tiu.htm), through friends of a friend. TIU is very Christ- and bible-focused - I'd suggest checking out the "Core Values" section on the page I referenced.

In addition, the "Christian" schools with which I am most familiar in my area are Carthage (http://www.carthage.edu; Lutheran [ELCA] affiliation), Marquette (http://www.marquette.edu; Catholic), Mount Mary (http://www.mtmary.edu; Catholic, women's), Alverno (http://www.alverno.edu; Catholic, women's), Cardinal Stritch (http://www.stritch.edu/index.php; Catholic), Wisconsin Lutheran College (http://www.wlc.edu; Lutheran), Viterbo (http://www.viterbo.edu; Catholic), St. Norbert (http://www.snc.edu; Catholic), Marian College (http://www.mariancollege.edu; Catholic). Aside from Marquette, all of these are fairly small, liberal arts colleges that I would consider only nominally religious. I would also consider Marquette to be fairly nominally religious, but it's far larger than the others and more than liberal arts. :) Additionally, both DePaul University and Loyola University (Chicago area) are Catholic-affiliated. I would guess that all of these are not what you're looking for, but thought I'd throw them out there anyway.
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