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Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I have finally cast on for the front of Elijah's Little Boy Green Sweater. I haven't had a chance to get to the yarn store to replace the Addi needle, so I decided I'd live with it until I got this sweater finished, then have it exchanged.

I forgot to mention that for the blasted Santa Sock, I added about 30 stitches to get the cuff the size I wanted. It may have worked as written if I used the yarn they did, but since they didn't mention what that was, or what the gauge was, I won't know. Every time Dominic sees the stocking on the needles, he lights up with glee. "You knitted my stocking some more!" Every time I hear comments like that, hear the delight in the kids' voices, I am glad that I do most of my knitting for our home, even if it means that other people don't get much in the way of knit gifts from me anymore.

So far, only Alexander, Amira and I have sweaters, Dominic has a sunsuit I made him, all have hats/mittens/socks/gloves, Elijah has a blanket that's his, but that I now use at least as much as he does. I made the felted fish from Knitter's Stash for Alexander and Dominic a couple years ago, but now Elijah is old enough to want one, so I need to add that to the to do list. This sweater will be Elijah's first, and I have a sweater for Dominic that is about a quarter of the way finished. It will be added to my UFO space in my rotation of projects, when I have the stocking finished.

There are two sweaters that Rich really likes and that I want to make for him, along with a couple more pairs of socks. However, one sweater we still haven't found the right yarn for it. We thought we had, but it ended up being the wrong color. The other sweater, I know exactly which yarn would work, but I am short about 6 skeins and it is discontinued. If anyone knows of a taupey/beigey/creamy marled or tweedy yarn, worsted weight, in a soft cotton with some merino wool let me know. We liked Cotton Fleece, but it didn't come in the right color for what Rich was looking for, and Rich really liked the tweedy/marled look, not some kind of self striping or patterning yarn, nor a solid. We tried Cascade 220, which had a beigey marl, but the colors weren't right. So, if there is a superwash, soft wool, or a superwash/cotton blend, in that kind of color scheme, I have yet to find it.

Last night I tried the fudge cupcake recipe from the murder in my reading list. It was alright, but the chocolate was a little old, had bloomed and I think taken on some strange flavors in the cupboard. I think I know how I would change it, not only using fresher chocolate, and will post the new and improved recipe when I have it finished. I did change the frosting, as well, adding a couple tablespoons of Chambord to it for both flavor and consistency. I will be bringing the cupcakes tonight to Bible study, and the kids will gobble them up, I am sure. We're still working on our saint costume ideas for All Saints. Rich's is coming together, but I can't figure out what to do. He keeps suggesting female characters who were anything but saints! More like props. I may stick with Mary Magdalene. When Alexander was first born, I wanted to go as the Holy Family, the Virgin Mary, Baby Jesus and Joseph, now that we have three other children besides, that doesn't work quite so well.

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