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Thursday, October 14, 2004

New Photos

Tonight I will be posting pictures. I promise.

I have the bootees finished. I have a painted platter from the other night at the pottery place. Those photos will go here:

So, check back later...Okay, I decided that the bootees would just be listed in my FO list at the right. There should be a link to see them there.

I have a new project on needles, from a nearly useless pattern, that I'm modifying slightly to get what I need. If anyone attempts the Santa Sock from Knitters' website, note that they give no gauge and no yarn quantity. I bought tons more yarn than necessary, to hedge my bets, and I've added sts to the CO, because the 30 they listed would have been a teeny tiny sock for an elf. And not Santa, one of his little helpers.

Since we don't actually do Santa with our kids, I will call this a snowflake stocking. Since we do stockings on the Feast of St. Nicholas, it's not really a Christmas stocking. This is for Dominic, I made one for Rich when we were dating, he made one for me when we were first married, I made one for Alexander when he was two, so it's Dominic's turn. I may get to Elijah's and Amira's before we have another child. No, that isn't an announcement, but if you do the math, we should have our fifth child in May of 2006, based on the spacing pattern of the other children.

Today is the tenth anniversary of the night Rich took me home from a ballroom dance, our first kiss, and the day we count as our first "date." We will celebrate by balancing our checkbook, doing dishes and giving the kids baths. If anyone posts a comment asking about the romantic story of how we met, I will post it.

I'm not actually sure that anyone reads this blog. I know that at least two people have read it. I don't know if they still do. I will post my photos before midnight tonight. Let me know if you see them.


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