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Monday, October 11, 2004

Long Time No Speak

Well, I decided not to post the bootees photos, because one of them looks odd and it's still bugging me. So, I knit up another one yesterday, and will sew it up and felt it today.

Friday was Alexander's birthday, and we had a nice family party at night. Saturday, we had a party for his friends from school and church. I can't believe that we have a six year old now. I remember his birth, how little he was as a baby, and now he's this big boy. The years go quickly, and I know soon enough he will be grown up and going away to school or work and then getting married and having his own family. I look forward to those days, but I wish they wouldn't come so fast.

Anyway, the party was themed on the Arabian Nights, I was going to have a bit more complicated decor and party games, but we stuck with Arabic food and pin the tail on the camel. The kids seemed to have a good time, and it was only two hours, so we were able to recover and still have the rest of the day.

The kids' godparents came up for the weekend with their son, to bring something to Rich's work and celebrate with us and were great helps to us. All three went to work immediately, helping with dishes, laundry, yardwork, putting together stuff for the party, decorating and running errands. After the hectic last couple weeks, it was a needed service and we really appreciated it. I'm hoping to get back on track at home and have more knitting time.

Our church is having an All Saints' Party and we're dressing up as a favorite saint. I won't give away Rich's surprise, but I will probably come as Mary Magdalene, though Rich suggested I come as Salome. We've been teaching a series on young saints to our Laudate Group which is our church's youth group, and so they should have a few ideas from that for the party. It will be interesting to see what people choose.

We are very fortunate to have a church of incredible cooks. Even those who aren't that interested in cooking know where to shop, so the food is always good. We're having a potluck for the All Saints' feast, and had one for St. Francis as well. We joke that our congregation is growing, just in weight.

Oh, one more thing. Photobucket had some sort of problem so my images are missing, but I'm uploading them again.

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